The Five Times You Should Call A Professional

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Without the knowledge or technical know-how of tackling a specific project, it better you leave it to a professional. Otherwise, the result may be in thousands of dollars in repairs, property damage, or personal injury.

Therefore, if you experience any of the following problems, you should call a plumber.

Lack of Hot Water

There are many reasons or causes for no hot water. However, the problem is usually a failed water heater. It is paramount to note that water heater faults can originate from several issues, ranging from minor component defects to major total breakdown. It does not matter the cause of your water heater failure; it is wise to seek the services of a technician or plumber for the job. It is important to remember that water heaters are either gas or electrically powered. As such, any mistake may lead to damages or injuries.

Low Water Pressure

The leading cause of shower or sink low water pressure is not as easy to locate as people may think. Many factors can cause the problem such as poor pipe design, city supply issues, pipe obstruction, and others. A qualified plumber will easily be able to identify the problem and provide the appropriate solution. DIY projects on low water pressure problems may cause further issues. Furthermore, unclogging chemicals do pollute the environment and do not work effectively or under extreme conditions.

Burst Pipes

This is a problem that mainly occurs during winter when the water in the pipes have frozen and expanded, causing pipe breaks. A broken or cracked pipe can cause flooding to occur, which often leads to water damage either to your household items or your house. Cracked pipes can really be a challenging affear to locate. For example, the crack can be below the foundation or even behind walls. Also, after you have turned off the main water supply, water will continue to seep into all vulnerable parts of your house. However, with the services of a plumber, they will be able to pinpoint the problem efficiently. Furthermore, a plumber will recommend repairs in the case where drywall, flooring, and the foundation have been damaged.

Blocked Pipes

Sewer or drainage backups are a common sign of a blocked pipe. Clogging is often as a result of non-flushable items, sediment buildup, tree roots, or damaged sewer line. Clearing clogged sewer using rodding machines or chemicals may cause further problems which will result in thousands in repairs. A professional will first try to identify the problem and provide the necessary solution. Furthermore, DIY projects will only expose your home to raw sewer.

Major Installations

Installing major appliances or fixtures is a project that needs a professional. Without the help of a professional and experienced plumber, will only lead to further problems, or you may end up creating other issues that you did not need. It is important to seek the services of a plumber during renovations and remodeling; especially when you need to move fixtures and appliances. For example, relocating your dishwater or sink means moving the supply line and all the necessary drains. Attempting to do this job yourself may affect your renovation project or lead to expensive repairs that you do not need.

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