Wi-Fi Thermostats Have Many Advantages

wifi thermostat

The last two centuries have witnessed quite a few advancements in thermostats.

What was once someone just calling out to someone else to put another log on the fire evolved into settable devices, followed by programmable ones.

Now we have Wi-Fi-connected devices. It was in 2013, back when the newest generation of Wi-Fi thermostats was still in its infancy, that a Forrester report showed how more than a third of adults were interested even back then in learning more about how they might could remotely manage their heating and cooling systems.

Today, a growing number of homeowners are starting to look into smart thermostats. The following is a look at a few of the advantages that Wi-Fi thermostats can offer.

Lower Energy Costs

Wi-Fi thermostats are perhaps the most well-known for what they can do in reducing energy costs for a homeowner. They offer savings through:

-automatically adjusting temperatures based on when you are sleeping, at home, or away

-looking for opportunities to save energy through analysis of heating and cooling cycles or patterns

-letting you establish temperature zones which can be controlled independently

Per the Energy Star program of the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners might save as much as $180 every year, just because they install a thermostat connected to the Internet. If you assume the EPA math to be right, then this kind of thermostat could easily pay for itself in only one or two years.

cost saving

Comfort Without Sacrifice

This kind of energy savings can come without having to sacrifice any comfort. A Wi-Fi thermostat can adapt to your own schedule, either by learning from your own adjustments or just interviewing you about the habits of your family. If you need to override its settings, you can use any online-connected device to make adjustments in real-time.

Soon after you get your thermostat installed, it can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home when folks are around but also reduce the energy usage if no one is home. If your schedule changes and you’re home early, then just log in so you can let your thermostat know. If can have your home at the right temperature even before you set foot through the front door.

Maintenance Reminders

Wi-Fi-connected thermostats can also offer helpful maintenance reminders. A lot of folks know that they need to change the air filter in their home, and yet they often forget to do so. From simple maintenance such as this to more serious issues with heating and cooling, a Wi-Fi thermostat can send you reminders you can use to keep a smoothly running system. These reminders get based on just how long the system has been running for, and that’s honestly the most accurate method of keeping track of maintenance items for heating and air conditioning.

Honest Couples

Finally, one lesser-known yet still crucial benefit of a Wi-Fi thermostat is how they promote honesty. One survey involving residents in the state of Florida discovered that over half of them admitted to making temperature adjustments without their partner knowing. The installation of a Wi-Fi thermostat can keep you as well as your partner honest about who it was that changed temperature settings as well as when they got altered.

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The most recent generation of thermostats, being the Wi-Fi units, have quite a few benefits which previous thermostats simply did not. A Wi-Fi thermostat is something that can help you cut back on your energy costs, maintain comfort, keep up with the maintenance needs of your HVAC systems, and keep things honest with your partner about changing temperature settings.

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